Chloe Hild


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When I started The Cor Method, I had a humble desire to be able to own my voice and express my gifts unapologetically when speaking to others or on social media - what I got was that and then a whole lot more!

The Cor Method allowed me to feel comfortable being the biggest version of me and see that when I was playing big, I would attract more of the people I wanted in my life, rather than repelling everyone around me. In turn, I also gave permission for others to see that this was possible for them also.

The safe space held by Cat McRad, helped me to feel comfortable exploring the craziest and wildest visions I had for a performance, without trying to make it logical or about resources - to capture the biggest vision and give the essence of that, rather than not trying at all because it wasn’t perfect enough.

When I finished Cor, I was able to fully step into the truest version of myself, a part of me I knew all along, but would dull or shame because it was too powerful, too much and or too triggering for others.

If you are on the fence about whether to do The Cor Method I would tell you to take the chance to leap into your greatness, to know you will be held by an incredible mentor and a beautiful community and will take home the greatest feeling, that everything is possible for you in your life.

Cat is a facilitator with a warm, strong, mumma energy - she will guide and encourage you to dream what is possible for you in your life and will constantly spark new and incredible ideas to create whatever it is you want in your life.

Cat McRad will hold you hand as you take that step into the truest version of yourself and destroy the old ‘performance’ performance paradigms of perfection and falsity.

Junior Deluise

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I was a few months off turning 38 yrs old when I was offered by my partner to attend The Cor Method as a gift. My partner had heard many stories of my up bringing and how a lot of what I've been through caused me to shut down a part of me... the creative side of me. My creative inner self that was trapped by self doubt, insecurity and fear. I went into the course feeling as though I had nothing to offer because I wasn't a singer or musician or actor. I had done things in my younger years like Drama and some theatre acting but, that was then... What could I possibly offer now. Wow, was I wrong!

I didn't know what to expect because self development was new to me. I didn't understand anything about connecting to myself and to listen to myself. This course not only reminded me of who I was inside, where the creative part of me was hiding and how to bring it to the surface, but, this course also helped me see the rest of my journey in life with open eyes. It showed me that the path is there and I can take it. It showed me that I have the power to do things I always hid myself and/or hid from the world. It has taught me more about myself in 8 weeks, than I had learned in 37 years.

Out of everything I learnt, I think creativity was the key for me. I always felt like there were things I was being drawn to but could never find a way to get there. I always had a feeling that I could give something to the world from within me, but could never decide and figure out what that was. I never realised that the biggest part of who I am is creative. I have so much imagination and words and pictures and more in my head that wants to fly out to the world but I always thought about them only. Kept them to myself and never shared them because of my doubts, fears and insecurities.

Like me, a lot of people will be thinking, 'I can't do this'. It might be because you only sing in the shower or, the stories you write are too deep, personal, or sexual and you fear what people may think. I thought these types of things and was unbelievably glad to know that the container that Facilitator Cat McRad supplies is the safest I've ever felt. I knew, after the first hour, that I was amongst people that wanted to find something, just like me. Answer questions they couldn't, just like me.

I recommend this course to anyone that has ever had a desire to be any form of creative, in any part of themselves or the world. Whether it be; writing, singing, dancing, acting, producing, making music, progressing in their work, family, life... anything at all. This course can bring out of you, parts of you, that are there already and just waiting to come out.

Elysia Anketell



Participating in The Cor Method gifted me the most amazing confidence and peace in myself as an artist and creative. I have rediscovered the true joy of performing.

Before I started the program I was regularly performing as a singer-songwriter, but coming up against some blocks that were stopping me from truly enjoying it.

I was questioning myself, my right to be a performer, nitpicking my own songwriting, and generally I would only start to enjoy the act of performing once I had got the very last song in my set (because I was almost finished and the pressure was off).

My desire throughout this program was to reclaim my joy, and reclaim my permission to just CREATE and let it be exactly as it is in the moment. I wanted to ENJOY the performances in the exact moment I was performing, and not just at the end of them.

Each week I got a little bit closer to that, exploring and unshackling myself from all the little blocks (some I knew were there, others I didn't).

On the final night of the program, our performance, I performed a song that I had written in 1 day and not edited at all, using a loop pedal that I had bought 10 days prior and only just learnt how to use. It was the most free-ing experience of performing that I have ever had. I gave myself
FULL PERMISSION to express myself exactly as I was in that moment (coincidentally this was the title of the song too).

I knew with this audience that I could be present with whatever was true for me. Cat had created such a safe, nurturing space every single week, and the performance was no exception.

I have been working with Cat for around 12 months now, through The Cor Method and her previous offerings. She is by-far the best vocal coach/musical mentor I have ever had, helping me to connect with my own 'true voice' in my singing and tap straight into GOLD. She is gentle, firm, powerful, epically-resourced, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend The Cor Method to any artist, musician, writer, or creative who wants to get outside of the box of their own limitations and feel joy, freedom and full permission to express themselves authentically.