Ok I’m going to be 100% honest here. I used to HATE listening to people sing at karaoke. Whether they be good or bad, I was so stuck in my judgement. If they were good, it would bring up comparison and also I would have this mean little voice saying “Who do they think they are?”

Yuck. I know that is so mean but I am being real here. We all have these voices and they pop up for a reason, so bare with me.

If someone couldn’t sing, I would be like “Please make it stop, please make it stop.” I would feel so tight in my body and so stuck in my head that I would end up getting a huge headache, which of course I blamed on the singer.

Yuck. Ok, let’s keep going.


Alchohol. Now don’t get me wrong, I like me a good beer or wine. And I totally understand that alcohol frees people up and gives them ‘Liquid Courage’ to get up and have a go. It also gives you an amazing excuse to fully commit to the top note in I Will Always Love You. Hell I even get that after a few drinks I have often felt like, “Wow, I can really belt. I sound amazing!”

SO, it’s not that I don’t like or understand the place for alcohol in this setting, but I also feel that we just have nowhere safe to go and have a go unless it is with alcohol. And after spending so much of my time lately focused on workshopping and researching Courage, I know that there should be a space for us to experience this magic clear minded and full powered.

Reason 3 SINGING

Ok so now we get into the deep personal reason.

I NEVER did Karaoke because as a singer, I felt this incredible pressure to perform, and be good. I saw people getting up and having a great time singing whatever notes or lyrics came out and everyone having a great time, but I felt like I had two options. 1. Go really silly and pretend I couldn’t sing and just have ‘fun’. Now this approach didn’t work as, in my head, people were thinking “Isn’t she a singer though? She’s not very good.” OR 2. Do a REALLY good job. Like, no mistakes. This approach didn’t work either because, in my head, people were thinking “What a try-hard. Who does she think she is?” I say in my head because it is very possible that that’s not what people were thinking but the fear was real.

I have also had some really amazing karaoke experiences, including having a karaoke machine carried around wherever I went in the Philippines, because everyone wanted to hear me sing more. I woke up one morning to a bus full of my new Philippino family waiting for me to go to the beach, and the karaoke machine was sitting on the roof of the bus. Haha.

So why am I talking about karaoke so much? Well, the past year I have been really looking at what my greatest fears are and why that is so. The Cor Method is all about moving out of your head, your judgement, your fear, and moving into a deeper connection with your creativity and voice. If I could one day stand up and sing at karaoke without being stuck in my head, and really enjoy myself, that would be a huge break through for me.

I have talked to a few different people about my idea to run ZERO FUCKS KARAOKE-no alcohol, no fucks given. Edgy name, but also it’s an edgy idea. It’s my intention. For everyone to have a place to come, sing, connect, have fun, connect to their voice and leave feeling all the benefits I know and love about this work. I want people singing in the car all the way home, humming around the office and winding their windows down in their car and belting their favourite tunes. My intention is connection.

One of my greatest gifts is to give people a safe space to shine. I set a really safe container where everyone who is in the space has the opportunity to get out of their heads, their judgement, their fear. I help people to witness performers with love and compassion. I help people release their expectations and deeply connect to their intention, whether it be to just have a hell of a lot of fun, or to sing from a really deep connected place and be witnessed in that power. How freeing does that sound? Can you imagine singing, and being fully held? Can you imagine moving through your own performance blocks? To mess up that high note or forget that lyric and….ZERO FUCKS. To fully feel like it’s ok. To move forward. To deeply connect to every note you sing without worrying about what you just did, what note is coming up, what everyone’s thinking. It’s powerful medicine.


I would love to hear what fucks you currently give. I know the idea of singing in front of people or witnessing others without alcohol seems foreign and potentially like the stupidest idea in the world. I would LOVE to know what this is bringing up for you.

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