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You know those movies where a song comes on and magically everyone seems to know the moves? Well, it has always been my dream and I'm making it a reality. You do not want to miss this! We are promising hilarity, a workout, spirit fingers.


You will learn the song with Mama Cor herself, Cat McRad

'You will learn to not just sing the song, but OWN the song.'


You do not need to be a singer.

You do not need to know the lyrics.

You just need to bring your courage and the inner child who jumped on the bed singing into a hairbrush (yesterday).


You will learn the dance with dance sensation, Stephanie Harrison

'If you haven't twerked in a G-string leotard, you haven't lived.'


You do not need to be a dancer.

You do not need to know which one is your left foot.

You just need to bring your willingness to activate the Kevin Bacon within.


What's the big idea?

In 2019, The Cor Method will run a series of these workshops, each working on a different song. At the end of the series we will have a massive Cor party where you will get to party 'Cor style' with your friends and when your song comes on ...BOOM, FLASHDANCE. (insert Spirit Fingers)

See? You know this is going to be fun!

To celebrate the launch of Flashdance, we are starting with the title track 'Flashdance (What a Feeling)'

What better way to launch an event like this, than with an 80s song and dance classic?!  So grab your hairbrush, tease your hair and get on down to Dancehouse, Melbourne at 6.30pm on the 7th of December.



Where? Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street, Carlton North VIC 3054

When? 6.30pm-9pm, 7th December 2018

Who? You and your work colleague Joe, who is your secret santa and you know nothing about except that you caught him that one time voguing down the hallway when he thought no one was watching.

Why? Cos we need more joy in the world. It's time to dance people. It really is that simple. What to wear? Comfy clothes to move in. No shoes required.  Cat and Steph will be fully attired in 80s leotards, legwarmers and glitter and you are SO welcome to make an event of it and wear the same. 

How much? $45 

What to bring? Apart from Joe, just bring a drink bottle.


What else? Make sure you have had a light meal prior to arriving.


If you have any further questions, please direct them to Cat at info@thecormethod.com