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Through a range of processes, practices and exercises, we will come to connect deeply with our voice and move through blocks that are standing in the way of us fully expressing ourselves and connecting with others. Each person will share an intention for the journey that will lead to a performance where they will be witnessed in this powerful, connected expression.







We all feel fear when we are putting ourselves out there. We all have a process of self sabotage and judgement. During the program, we will be meeting our courage, learning about our process, and finding ways to stay connected and present when we are experiencing fear.


Core Beliefs

We have a story, a belief system that supports or hinders the way we show up in this world. In this program we look deeply into how we feel about ourselves as a creative or a performer. How we feel about our voice, what we have to say. It's time to let go of the stories that are holding us back and write a new story that will help bring us closer to who we really are.



It's time to drop it in. To get out of our heads and into our hearts, our voice, our bodies, our creative flow. The feeling of creating from this space is so freeing. And when we can connect to ourselves, that's when we start being able to fully connect with others.



What we believe about ourselves is only defined by what we have already experienced.

 In this program we get to experience a space of play. The rules are gone and we get to fully create. This is where the magic is. It's expansive! You will leave redefining who you are and you will see yourself in your fullness.



Do you know how much effort we put into watching others with judgement and comparison? It's exhausting. Imagine if you could witness a performer or listen to someone share, with full compassion and love. And imagine if you could do that for yourself. To witness yourself with clarity and love. And to be witnessed in that? Next level!



There is no point doing all of this work if we are not willing to commit to ourselves. When we commit to ourselves, we become fueled with passion and power. It is the structure that we get to flow in, as creators.



This is where we let our creativity take a form. But it is also where we will start seeing our perfectionism, fear and judgement want to creep back in. At this part of the program, we will be putting together all we have learnt so far, to stay connected, courageous, committed…even when crafting a piece of art.



This is where you get to be witnessed, sharing your authentic self.

We are building a community of people who have the ability to hold and witness you with love and compassion, so that you have the chance to experience freedom in your creative expression.

They want to hear what you've got to say.

They are ready for your creative artistry.

There is no greater feeling than being witnessed in your truth.


In the final week, we will come together and reflect on the incredible journey we have been on.

It is now time to integrate all of our learnings into our lives. 



Each of these principles allow each participant to experience a new way of seeing and sharing themselves. By the end of the program, you will have a unique and custom skillset to get out of your head, showing up and being seen in this world with authenticity and power. 

When : 6.30-10pm Monday evenings starting from the 9th September, 2019 (9 consecutive weeks)

Where : Brunswick Mechanics Institute

Cost :

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $999 (Payment Plan available) for bookings made before the 31st August..

From the 1st September, 2019 the program will cost $1299 (Payment Plan available)

Places are limited so book now or contact Chloe for more information.