A performer that is fully connected shares themselves with full vulnerability and power, owns each and every role they take on, and inspires audiences who see them in action.  A connected performer also masterfully owns the role of truly being themselves, knowing what they want and need and going forward with courage and self confidence.
-Cat McRad, The Cor Method-



Cat McRad is a performer, speaker and highly regarded mentor for performance artists and creatives. She is the Founder and Creator of The Cor Method, a framework that supports performers to find a deeper connection to their voice, their artistry and themselves.


After decades working in the music and theatre industries, as well as the education system, Cat was inspired to create this movement to support creatives, performers and artists in fully understand the importance, and embody the potency, of their creativity. To deeply connect to themselves, and therefore to show up in this world with power and authenticity.


Cat helps people reconnect to their love of creating and nurtures the star quality in each person she works with, while also ensuring they are fully connected with their individual vision and authenticity. She ensures a safe space for participants to explore their vulnerability and supports them to move out of their head, and their ego, and let go of inner fear and self-judgement. Through Cat’s work, people discover their own innate ability to connect deeper to themselves and the gifts that provides, in terms of achieving their own individual goals both personally and within their performing careers.

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